Relay Phidget

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Use a VINT port with this relay to switch power to a circuit running at up to 210 watts DC or 1750 volt-amperes AC.

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If you need to switch power to a device without the hassle of a big expensive relay, this Relay Phidget is here as a quick an easy option. Rated for 210W of DC power or 1750 VA of AC power, this mechanical relay is suitable for a wide range of applications. Relays by nature are isolated, so you don't have to worry about a voltage spike on the load side of the relay damaging the control side.

AC or DC Switching

For DC applications, you can switch a circuit of up to 30V at 7A. For AC applications, you can switch up to 12A or 277V AC, as long as the total power doesn't exceed 1750 VA.

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