USB to Serial Converter for Phidgets

Artikelnummer: PHI-3400_1

This adapter cable will allow you to connect serial devices to the SBC's USB port.

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The USB to Serial Converter Cable is ideal for connecting RS232 devices to any of the PhidgetSBC's USB ports.

The SBC will automatically recognize the Converter when it is plugged in and will create a serial port for it.

Be aware that the 3400 and any serial devices connected to it are not "Phidgets devices" and therefore cannot be accessed or controlled by the Phidgets' APIs. Using this product requires a working knowledge of Linux.

This revision of the 3400 has a different casing on the serial plug and a different colored cable, but is functionally the same as the previous revision.

Warning: This device is not compatible with Windows 8 or 10.

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